State-of-the-Art P&E in Vancouver

Vancouver Police Department unveils new Property Office and Forensic Storage Facility

"You are about to see a state-of-the-art facility that's unrivaled in Canada, and unlike any elsewhere in North America," said Chief Constable Jim Chu of the Vancouver Police Department in remarks preceding a public unveiling of the agency's new Property Office and Forensic Storage Facility.

The project includes 65,000 square feet of space to provide a new consolidated property office for receiving, storing and safekeeping of found and seized property and evidence, and vehicle forensic laboratories and associated storage.

This new building provides a consolidated and secure property storage office to meet the needs of the police department, upgrades existing public safety facilities, and relocates the forensic operations to modern facilities. The building was designed and constructed with a view to achieving LEED Gold standard. Construction on this project began in June 2010 and is now complete.

The Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia each committed $10 million toward this project. The City of Vancouver provided $10.3 million, bringing the total investment to $30.3 million.

Video from the Vancouver Police Department (direct link):

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Image Clarification Workflow

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