AAFS Conference for Teachers

Conference is aimed at middle- and high-school forensic science teachers.

AAFS announces the Forensic Science Educational Conferences (FSEC) for middle- and high school teachers. During the summer of 2012, AAFS will conduct four FSECs. The goal of the workshops is to increase science teachers' knowledge of the forensic sciences and to assist them as they enrich and/or develop challenging, innovative curricula.

For dates and locations, visit the AAFS web site and follow the link under the Meetings tab to the Forensic Science Educational Conference.

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Lifting Latent Fingerprints from Difficult Surfaces

ALMOST ANYONE can find, process, and lift a latent print that happens to be in a logical and obvious place like a door handle, a beer can, or a butcher knife. But sometimes, a latent print is not just sitting there in a logical and obvious place. Sometimes, you have to use your imagination to find the print and your skills to lift it.