Reviewing the Detroit Rape Kits

According to an article from Corey Williams of the Associated Press, more than 11,000 rape kits were found in the Detroit police property storage facility after the state took over the city's crime lab in 2008. A sampling of those kits were evaluated in 2010, and another set, "in the low thousands", will be sent this month for evaluation.

From the article:

The challenge then falls to prosecutors to build cases from evidence that could be more than two decades old, [State Police Director of Forensic Science John Collins] added.

"When the accumulation of rape kits was discovered, no one knew what the disposition of the kits were," Collins said. "You had this big bulk of evidence. These go back into the 1980s. It reaches back into a period of time when DNA testing was not very prolific."

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Image Clarification Workflow

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