Tool Kit: Tracking the Evidence

Next to documenting and collecting the evidence, tracking those items through the chain of custody—from scene to property room to laboratory to courtroom and back again—is a crucial responsibility for law enforcement agencies. The items in this issue’s Tool Kit help agencies manage, track, and protect that evidence.

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Management Systems

Property and Evidence Module Crimestar Corporation Records Management System The Property and Evidence Module in Crimestar Corporation’s Records Management System provides complete identification and tracking of the existence and movement of property handled by a law enforcement agency. Users can describe and categorize property, detailing what it is and why the agency holds the property. Most important, the Property and Evidence Module can print bar-code property labels using a laser printer and standard Avery-brand labels. The labels can be affixed to each property item, and then the movement of that item can be tracked for the length of time it is in the agency’s custody. The module also allows digital photos to be electronically filed for each property item.
ChainLinx JusticeTrax evidence management ChainLinx allows you to secure and automate evidence management for your own property room as well as the agencies you interact with. This versatile software integrates item bar coding and tracking, statistical reporting, item management plans, and a dynamic user interface. ChainLinx provides a clear view of the items of evidence being collected and stored by your agency. The program is developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server for its database needs. Running in a web-delivered environment, the database and all data reside on a secure server within the department. The scalable program reduces initial investment while protecting you from outgrowing your software.
PTS Incident Solutions evidence property police PTS Incident Solutions allows officers to import evidence items from the property section of a police report or to create evidence records manually. Evidence locations may be defined in the setup for each agency. Data elements such as item description, offense, status, submitting officer, owner, crime lab information, chain of custody, holds, returns, forfeitures, and destructions may be tracked. Evidence labels may be printed and attached to each item. PTS Incident can interface with bar code scanners to update evidence records with location and custody changes, and to produce inventory reports.
Foray ADAMS Physical Property and Evidence solution digital evidence system The ADAMS Physical Property and Evidence solution is a web-based, fully automated, turnkey package that lets you efficiently check items into and out of your property room as well as locate and retrieve those items, reconcile the contents of your property room, and limit your physical evidence storage requirements through accurate records management and disposal of your physical evidence. This solution is also integrated completely with the ADAMS digital evidence system that allows you to acquire, view, print, and track your digital evidence as well as your physical evidence for flexibility and ease of use.
Exhibit-A evidence management software bar coded system Exhibit-A evidence management software is a bar-coded system developed in partnership with a senior crime scene investigator and property room manager. Exhibit-A is easy to use, yet contains all the functionality needed to confidently maintain an evidence room. The database tracks chain of custody from initial collection by officers to the final disposition. The software is network ready. User-level security puts you in control of critical database functionality. The Exhibit-A software generates reports for courtroom testimony, inventory/audit, officer’s log, and more.


Radiant RFID Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) asset tracking solution laboratory evidence locker storage Radiant RFID’s Virtual Asset Tracker (VAT) is an RFID asset tracking solution used by state and federal agencies for physical-location tracking of inventory, evidence, and forensic samples. VAT allows customers to quickly and easily track everything from collected evidence, DNA sample cards, and general agency assets, and then report key data such as expected and actual location, collection date, date and time last seen, and responsible party for inventory. Using the latest in handheld and fixed RFID readers, you can quickly scan storage rooms, laboratories, evidence lockers, and office locations.

Access Control

CyberLock Videx track control access evidence room laboratory security The CyberLock system enables users to track and control access to evidence rooms, laboratories, and other high security areas. The CyberLock management software allows management to view records of who opened, or attempted to open, every lock. Each key user can be assigned customized access privileges based on time, date, and authority level, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. CyberLock is quick and easy to install: simply replace the mechanical cylinder in each door and cabinet with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.

Evidence Collection

Primary Marking eTWIST mobile evidence collection solution GPS-enabled camera law enforcement This patent-pending mobile evidence collection solution, eTWIST, allows you to accurately record evidence at a crime scene using bar coding, drop downs, and auto-fill fields via a mobile device. This system eliminates “double processing”, dramatically reducing data entry. The GPS-enabled camera allows officers to snap a picture of the evidence, geo-stamp the location, and record the time and date the evidence was collected. The resulting reduction in administrative work improves productivity, accountability, and the utilization of staff.
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Digital-Image Management at Mass Gravesites

SKELETONIZED REMAINS that were carefully unearthed from the desert sands of Iraq tell their own story: the bones of an adult, still dressed in a woman’s apparel, lie supine. The skull is perforated by a bullet hole. Tucked in the space between the ribs and the left humerus is a much smaller skeleton, bones in the skull un-fused, and the fully clothed body partially swaddled in a blanket.