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More than just a handy light, the T1 Tech Light from Tool Logic is packed with a pen, screwdrivers, and, of course, a bright, hands-free light. At just 2 in. long and 0.3 oz., the T1 Tech Light includes flat and Phillips micro screwdrivers and a socket for added torque, a ballpoint pen, a white LED flashlight, a removable visor clip, and a lanyard hole for key-ring attachment. To learn more about this and other products from Tool Logic, go to their website:

This “fully rugged” notebook PC was designed for mobile users whose jobs require a display that can be easily read in any kind of lighting, day or night. The GETAC B300 notebook has a 13.3-in. TFT XGA transmissive Ultra-Bright, sunlight-readable display, an optional integrated touchscreen, and a 1200 Nit LCD panel. It is powered by an Intel Core2 Duo Merom L7500, 4MB L2 cache processor that operates at 1.5 GHz, and offers up to 12 hours of battery life on one battery. To learn more, go to:

You can unlock passwords from more than 100 file formats and programs with the new ElcomSoft Password Recovery Bundle for police, security, and forensic specialists. The Forensics Edition includes the high-end versions of all of ElcomSoft’s password recovery software. The bundle includes ElcomSoft System Recovery, a boot-disk application that allows you to access a computer’s Windows password settings; Proactive Password Auditor, a password audit and security test tool that identifies security holes in a network; and ElcomSoft Distributed Password Recovery, a program that gives you the ability to link multiple computers on a LAN or WAN in order to recover a lost password. To learn more, go to:

Tracking entry to P&E rooms is a critical task for law-enforcement. Traditional mechanical locks have keys that can be duplicated, lost, and distributed without authorization. That old lock hardware can be easily converted to a full-featured access-control system: CyberLock. This new system’s cylinders cannot be picked, and the electronic keys cannot be duplicated. Each key contains permissions on what locks the key can open, with a schedule of days and times it will open those locks. Each time the key opens a lock, a record is stored in both the key and the lock cylinder, creating an audit trail. Personnel only need to carry a single electronic key for access throughout the department. For more information, visit the Videx website:

Drawing crime-scene diagrams with SmartDraw Legal Edition 2008 is even easier with the 2008.2 release of the software. This first-ever major content upgrade of SmartDraw features improved charts and graphs as well as more than 300 new legal and law-enforcement templates—including those for crime-scene investigation, medical examination, case planning, and more. Plus, the product features hundreds of new symbols for auto accident reconstruction and crime scenes (see photo above). To learn more about this software, get the new update (free to SmartDraw 2008 users), or to download a free demo, go to their website:

In order to help with training personnel in law-enforcement agencies across the United States, Arrowhead Forensics recently developed new “Training Trunks” that contain sample materials for up to 100 students. The large Pelican hard cases can be loaded with supplies for evidence collection, fingerprinting, chain of custody, and other forensic activities. Arrowhead provides enough samples of materials, such as sterile swabs for buccal-cell collection from Puritan Medical Products, for students to take a supply back to their departments and train others. For more information, go to:

A line of fingerprint brushes from Sirchie Finger Print Labs features uniquely designed brushes with fiberglass filaments, as well as those with synthetic and natural animal hair. Many of the brushes have brush tips that are interchangeable using a single handle. The line also includes disposable, One-Scene-Use, standard brushes and magnetic wands that can be used when cross-contamination between crime scenes is a concern. Also, a burnishing tool fashioned into the brush handle can be used to force air bubbles out when making latent lifts. For more information, to go:

Locate trace evidence while keeping your hands free using FoxFury’s new line of Hands Free LED Light Sources. These alternate light sources (ALS) have no bulbs or filters, and are portable and durable to enable multitasking. The broad distribution of the LEDs provides substantial peripheral light to increase the area seen. The ALS in the FoxFury PRO Forensic line are available in white light as well as bandwidths of 460-470 nm, 500 nm, and 525 nm. For more information, please visit the FoxFury website:

Computer forensic experts can utilize the File Audit Facility (FAF) from Guardware LLC to find objectionable content stored on computers. FAF uses Guardware’s image-detection engine to identify potentially inappropriate images or files stored on computers, and then provides a complete report of findings. It spots objectionable content in image files, video files, and HTML web pages stored on hard drives, removable drives, and CDs. The application also lists all music files to help identify possible illegal downloading and unauthorized storage usage. To learn more, go to:

The new stereomicroscope from Carl Zeiss MicroImaging, the SteREO Discovery.V20, is ideal for dissection, documentation, and quality-assurance applications in a number of industries. The optical performance of the SteREO Discovery.V20 boasts the largest available field of view (23 mm at 10x), the highest available zoom range (20 to 1), and the highest available resolution in the industry. These features allow users to easily visualize both large specimens and their small details on a single microscope, without needing to change objectives or eyepieces. To learn more, visit this website:

This is a new, mobile SEM (scanning electron microscope) from JEOL USA that can be easily moved to different locations on demand. The new CarryScope is the ideal instrument for mobile crime labs where imaging and analysis of trace evidence are conducted right at the crime scene. Standard features include 8x to 300,000x imaging and up to 5.0nm resolution. To learn more, go to:

When safe storage of samples and reagents is critical, you need a freezer you can depend on. The ArcticTemp -23°C solid-door freezer from MIDSCI was designed for any laboratory that demands state-of-the-art freezers. The ArcticTemp freezer will keep samples and reagents frozen at -23.3°C while still maintaining a frost-free interior. Stainless-steel fronts resist wear and maintain a clean, professional look. Doors are positive-seal and self-closing. To learn more, visit the MIDSCI website:


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