Master’s of Science in Recording Arts emphasis in Media Forensics

The National Center for Media Forensics offers a Master's of Science in Recording Arts emphasis in Media Forensics (MSRA-MF) degree program. The program prepares students from various backgrounds for work in the field of forensic audio, video, and image analysis utilizing the state-of-the-art methods and technology necessary to fight crime in the digital age.

The revised two-year program provides curriculum in a hybrid format combining online learning with concentrated onsite classes focusing on the handling, analysis, and presentation of recorded audio, video, and image evidence. Specific information is available on the MSRA-MF website regarding semester schedules and program pricing with estimated travel expenses.

Application requirements are listed on the website with a Fall 2012 admission deadline of April 15, 2012 for domestic student applications. For more information, go to the NCMF website.

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