Tool Kit: AFIS, Live Scan, and Mobile ID

Here are nine products and solutions to help with mobile identification, AFIS, and live scan.

Cross Match Technologies Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit II SEEK Cross Match Technologies’ Secure Electronic Enrollment Kit II (SEEK) is a handheld forensic data collection and multimodal biometric identification device. The SEEK combines its latent-reading capability with an on-board watch-list. The SEEK creates standards-based records readable by all authoritative databases; it is FBI Appendix F certified; and it also incorporates 3G for rapid AFIS/ABIS communication. Learn more at:
Identification International Inc i3 digID mini live scan device i3 (Identification International Inc.) designs, manufactures, and sells advanced products and services to the biometric security marketplace. The portable digID mini live scan device is a high-resolution ten-print fingerprint scanner made for background checks in all markets. Using a patented single USB 2.0 interface for power, data, and control, it can operate directly from a laptop computer with no other supplemental power needed.
MorphoIDent MorphoTrak MorphoIDent is a pocket-sized device using state-of-the-art identification technologies. It features a modern design and glossy finish, intuitive pictograms, folder management, vibration alert, and keypad. Fingerprints are captured with an FBI-certified optical PIV sensor, including real-time automated quality check, and matched against local or national databases. Results are displayed on the device’s large color LCD screen.
FbF mobileOne Fulcrum Biometrics FbF mobileOne from Fulcrum Biometrics is a professional grade portable biometric fingerprint scanning accessory built exclusively for the iOS platform. The sleek-fitting sleeve easily attaches to an iPod touch or iPhone and includes a FIPS 201/PIV-compliant fingerprint sensor that is suitable for rapid mobile identification, with a form factor that fits comfortably in a pant or vest pocket. An iOS application integrated with FbF mobileOne can capture both fingerprint and face images for rapid, mobile enrollment and identification purposes.
DataWorks Plus RAPID-ID mobile fingerprint identification system DataWorks Plus’ RAPID-ID mobile fingerprint identification system searches RISC, state, and local AFIS using a variety of mobile fingerprint capture solutions. Search results can also include NCIC, state arrest history, wants and warrants, and mug shots. The solution stands out from other offerings because its software supports fingerprint scanning hardware from numerous hardware manufacturers. Agencies can choose any FBI-approved fingerprint scanner for a wide variety of applications. Images and results can be transmitted wirelessly and results can be viewed on all-in-one devices, Blackberry smart phone, MDT, or any computer.
ID-MobileWorks Mobizent mobile identity ID-MobileWorks is Mobizent’s mobile identity checking application that automatically checks the identity of individuals in the field using Intermec’s CN4/4 handheld and Edgeline fingerprint attached device against local AFIS and state databases. The FBI-certified solution captures a NIST compliant format fingerprint image, displays the image to the officer, stores the image for later retrieval, sends it wirelessly to the local AFIS, and at the same time sends it to the state database. A return of “hit” or “no hit” is immediately sent to the officer in the field.
WebAFIS multimodal enrollment This end-to-end biometric data processing solution—called WebAFIS—includes an easy-to-use multimodal-enrollment and central-processing module for fraud protection and analysis of enrolled data. Based on years of experience in biometrics, Innovatrics has built a fully customizable user interface to complement their technology. The WebAFIS application supports all stages of processing, from capturing biometric data, deduplication, analysis, document or card issuance, to verification and identification. To learn more, go to:
MorphoTrust USA Enhanced Definition Live Scan devices To ensure more AFIS hits, you need a live scan with enhanced definition capabilities to capture higher quality images. For higher volumes of subjects, you need a live scan with auto capture capabilities, making it easier for subjects and operators. MorphoTrust USA offers integrated biometric-based solutions, from tools for identifying suspects to Enhanced Definition Live Scan devices, providing law enforcement departments with technology that consistently improves the productivity and safety of officers in the field.
Integrated Biometrics Watson Watson, from Integrated Biometrics, is a non-optical, FBI Appendix F Certified, two-finger scanner complete with SDK. Watson utilizes Integrated Biometrics’ patented LES (Light Emitting Sensor) Technology, making it smaller and more durable than other two-finger roll scan mobile biometric fingerprint readers on the market. Watson comes with an auto-on feature that can be enabled or disabled by the user. The LES fingerprint sensor is not easily confused by foreign matter and contaminants, allowing the sensor surface to be almost maintenance-free.
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