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1. Four Ways to Recover DVR Video Evidence
(ETM Insights/ETM Insights)
...urther information to aid you in your case. Schedule a consultation today to get started! Compare DNA Recovery Methods ETM Insights is a sponsored section of   ...

2. Museum to Host 9/11 Forensic Expert
(Crime Scene News/Field 8 2018)
...e. “I worked in New York City at Ground Zero and the Medical Examiner's lab for eight weeks on DNA recovery. The personal sacrifice of the dedicated first responders in the aftermath is often ...

3. ISHI 29 Comes to Phoenix in September
(Laboratory News/Lab 7 2018)
Are you interested in advancing your forensic science career, learning about the latest DNA technologies and meeting others who share your passion for forensic science? If so, then you’ll want t

4. ISHI 29 Comes to Phoenix in September
(Crime Scene News/Field 7 2018)
Are you interested in advancing your forensic science career, learning about the latest DNA technologies and meeting others who share your passion for forensic science? If so, then you’ll want t

5. ISHI 29 Comes to Phoenix in September
(ETM Insights/ETM Insights)
Are you interested in advancing your forensic science career, learning about the latest DNA technologies and meeting others who share your passion for forensic science? If so, then you’ll want t

The Association of Forensic DNA Analysts and Administrators (AFDAA) annual meeting and scientific conference is taking place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel at the Galleria in Houston, Texas, on August 2-3

7. New Forensic Laboratory Needs TWG Created
(Laboratory News/Lab 6 2018)
...lic interest in the field of forensics. Research is flourishing. Revolutionary technologies like rapid DNA and next generation DNA sequencing are on the verge of becoming reality. And the Justice Depa...

8. Webinar: DNA Kinship Testing
(Laboratory News/Lab 5 2018)
The Forensic Technology Center of Excellence recently archived its DNA Kinship Testing Webinar Series, and it is now available for viewing online.   The webinar description explains: "DN

The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Forensic Analysis of Human DNA will be held June 17-22, 2018 at Sunday River in Newry, Maine. The mission of the second GRC is to create an international forum

10. Saliva and Detergents
(Back Issues/Summer 2018)
...rial transcripts and the test results where the saliva identification was pivotal in prosecution for kidnappings, homicides, and child abuse cases and was identified by only the Phadebas Tube Test. Co...

11. Editorial: About Face
(Back Issues/Summer 2018)
...lly achieved facial reconstructions for more than a century, but today they are getting an assist from DNA. In this issue’s article, “For the First Time: NCMEC Uses Color for Facial Recons...

...; Since the grim discovery in Parker County in 1985, tremendous strides have been made in the use of DNA and technology in criminal investigations. The vast reach of the internet, and the popularity...

13. Book Excerpt: Reasoning Backwards
(Back Issues/Summer 2018)
...ome even look at him wistfully in this modern age, wishing that modern forms of forensic evidence like DNA had not made irrelevant the kind of Sherlock-Holmes-style deduction described in short storie...

14. Solving a 4000-Year-Old Mummy Mystery
(Laboratory News/Lab 4 2018)
Work to extract DNA from a 4000-year-old mummy has broken new ground for analysis of extremely decomposed and degraded specimens. An Ancient Mystery More than 100 years after the discovery of the

... as to whether they match. But they cannot express the strength of the evidence numerically, the way a DNA expert can when testifying about genetic evidence. Now, a team of researchers at the Nation... cells and blood, where there is an ample volume of material to collect and a recoverable volume of DNA is assured. In crime scene training, the proper technique of conducting a presumptive test is...

... that obscure the visibility of blood; • Detecting bloodstains after exposure to fire; • DNA testing can be successful after exposure to the reagents, even with diluted blood samples. ...

18. Editorial: Another Trip Around the Sun
(Back Issues/Spring 2018)
...e term CSI Effect was already becoming a well-used term around laboratories and courtrooms. 9) Rapid DNA technology has taken DNA profiling from a day, week, or month-long process that often needed ...

... point count, however, as the program of analysis varies with the substance being pursued. Extensive DNA studies have accumulated hordes of information from which the probable occurrence of two pers...

...he original forensic files and did not have case details, making it difficult to determine whether the DNA result supported an exoneration. The Urban Institute was able to obtain case information on 5...

21. Wrap-Up: 2017 Rapid DNA Technology Forum
(Laboratory News/Lab 12 2017)
In August 2017, the Forensic Technology Center of Excellence hosted the Rapid DNA Technology Forum in Alexandria, Virginia. This forum provided more than 130 attendees from the forensic DNA community

22. Tool Kit: Fire, CBRNE, and Hazmat
(Back Issues/Winter 2017)
...for attribution to particular laboratories or world regions and can also be used to identify any human DNA in the sample. Advanced Chemical Analysis combines gas chromatography and high-resolution mas...

... narcotics, and biohazardous materials. Service requests for latent fingerprint lifts and swabbing for DNA can be handled by agency crime scene technicians either before or after submission to the evi...

...idual dies and the circumstances are unknown, Texas law requires a forensic examination, collection of DNA samples, and submission of paperwork to an unidentified and missing persons database. At le...

... documented before evidence collection occurs (for example, if an analyst swabs the soles of shoes for DNA testing prior to any photographic documentation). Q. How is quality control and quality ass...

26. Editorial: Your Resource: A to Z
(Back Issues/Winter 2017)
...aves. A dedicated team is working to exhume and identify these remains, using any means possible, from DNA to recovery of personal effects to facial reconstruction. The other article focuses on the ...

27. New Research on Differentiating Fibers
(Laboratory News/Lab 11 2017)
...sing a combination of isotope ratio measurements. Exposure to other conditions, such as blood, bleach, DNA extraction chemicals and the elements can affect the isotope ratios. "Although fiber a...

28. Registration Open for 2018 R&D Symposium
(Laboratory News/Lab 11 2017)
...n forensic anthropology; controlled substances and toxicology; trace micro biome, and forensic biology/DNA. You can learn more and register here. ...

29. NFSTC to Retire DNA Laboratory Audit Program
(Laboratory News/Lab 10 2017)
...s of December 31, 2017, the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC) will no longer provide DNA laboratory auditing services. NFSTC has been a provider of DNA audits for 15 years. In a rece...

30. Fostering Innovation in U.S. Law Enforcement
(Crime Scene News/Field 10 2017)
...rensics backlogs and calls for the U.S. Department of Justice to expand grant programs beyond forensic DNA technologies. You can learn more about the report and download a free eBook of the report h...

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Interview with an Expert

One of the more specialized areas of crime-scene investigation has to do with searching for evidence of arson. To get some background in this area, we spoke with an individual who has had more than 46 years in fire service, 24 of which have focused specifically on fire/arson investigation.