Taking Analysts' Needs into Account

Forensic labs today face obstacles beyond the routine processing and analysis of casework. Increasing caseloads, backlogs and tightening budgets to name just a few. We designed Spectrum CE System with the day-to-day challenges of the forensic analyst in mind. Whether that means continuously accessible plates and flexible scheduling, 4-plate capacity or even simple ergonomic considerations like a raised door, Spectrum will make a noticeable improvement in an analyst’s workday.

Video Analysis Software Helps Secure New Trial for Case

Spokane, Wash. – July 1, 2019
Video examination software for police investigators, iNPUT-ACE, has helped secure a new trial for a man believed to be falsely convicted of aggravated robbery in 2008 in Bell County, Texas. The case, which has gained national attention, was featured on the first episode of Exhibit A, a provocative crime documentary series that premiered on Netflix on June 28.

Free Training: Recognizing and Responding to Human Trafficking

July 18, 2019
SAFEta is offering a free, one-day training on how to recognize, identify, screen for, and respond to human trafficking in a trauma-informed way. The training event will take place Thursday, August 8, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

NIST Releases New Human DNA Standard

July 18, 2019
NIST has released a new version of its Human DNA Standard. This standard, used for validating DNA profiling equipment, contains human DNA, plus certified data about the DNA including STR sequences, SNP data, mtDNA sequences, and more. Becky Steffen, a forensic DNA scientist at NIST, provided a Q&A about the standard and why it's so important.

New HBO Documentary on 2011 Strangling Death

July 19, 2019
On July 23 & 24, HBO will premiere "Who Killed Garrett Phillips?," a documentary on the strangling death of a twelve-year-old boy in Potsdam, NY. The story is told in two ninety-minute episodes using compelling police and courtroom footage.

New LabElite DeCapper SL Expands Hamilton Storage LabElite Product Family

Special Advertising Section
Franklin, Massachusetts — January 14, 2019

Hamilton Storage introduces a new member of the LabElite® product family with the launch of the LabElite DeCapper SL. The LabElite DeCapper SL rapidly decaps sample containers to increase sample throughput and improve overall laboratory efficiencies without risks of manually-derived errors and contamination. This compact model is approximately 20% smaller than the well-known LabElite DeCapper, and is easily integrated into hands-free, automated workflows using liquid handling platforms from Hamilton Robotics as well as third party robotic providers. Additionally, the LabElite DeCapper SL is an ideal space-saving, standalone solution for laboratories who prefer walk-up benchtop sample decapping.

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