Webinar: Portable Advanced 3D Imaging for Footwear and Tire Impressions

A webinar on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 (2 - 3:30 pm ET) will explain the principles and capabilities of a fully automated portable system with an easy-to use-graphical user interface (GUI) for shoe and tire impression capture.

Forensic Nursing Organization Announces New Mentor Program

October 19, 2019 — The Academy of Forensic Nursing announced its new Mentorship Program earlier this month. The program, which can be customized to fit an AFN member's needs, offers support and guidance for those seeking information about career paths, as well as motivation, emotional support, role-modeling, goal-setting, and networking.

Shelter Dog Makes $1 Million Heroin Drug Bust

September 12, 2019
A shelter dog turned drug-detection dog, K9 Sentry, recently detected 4 kilos of heroin in a drug bust with Officer Allen Connelley of the Town of Addis Police Department, and West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office in Louisiana. The heroin had a street value of $1 million.

Scholarships Available for 2020 EVAWI International Conference

September 17, 2019
The EVAWI (End Violence Against Women International) organization recently announced that the Academy of Forensic Nursing (AFN) is sponsoring five professionals to attend their 2020 International Conference in Washington, DC.

Study Examines Links Between Oil Boom and Meth

August 2019
The findings of a recent study by the Justice Research and Statistics Association suggest that the presence of methamphetamine in a region of the United States has increased alongside an oil boom — but the two events could not be directly linked. The study also found that methamphetamine is now being primarily sourced from Mexico.

Sniffing Out Corpses and Other Signs of Trouble

September 10, 2019
Science stinks.

So thought Megan Harries as she measured drops of putrescine and cadaverine — the chemicals that give decomposing corpses their distinctive, terrible odor — into glass vials. She then placed the vials on the floor of a shipping container, walked outside, and closed the door behind her.

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