Cybersecurity Innovation Forum

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence is sponsoring the 2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum January 28-30, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.

From the event's website:

"Every facet of our lives – personal and professional – is conducted digitally, yet we live in a world where those electronic transactions simply cannot be trusted. Investments in IT security continue to address discrete security problems in reaction to specific malicious attacks. This approach is unsustainable, non-scalable and inadequate for protecting our nation. It is imperative that we define and embrace a fundamentally different approach to enterprise architecture security – one that builds security in from the beginning as a robust and solid foundation upon which to conduct our transactions. Trusted computing and security automation technologies combined with a vision for, and commitment to, cyber information sharing provide the framework needed to protect our infrastructure, citizens and economic interests."

The three-day 2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum will "cover the existing threat landscape and provide presentations and keynotes on current and emerging practices, technologies and standards. The 2014 forum will provide action-oriented outputs to fuel voluntary principle-driven consensus-based standards efforts, create opportunities for industry growth and drive research activities, and define use cases for subsequent exploration, which in turn will feed back into the coming years’ forums, continually evolving the state of the art."

Source: Cybersecurity Innovation Forum

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