Tool Kit: Latent Prints

Here are a few products to help with latent print porcessing.

The new SceneScope RUVIS UHD Camera by SPEX Forensics is a 16-mp Ultra High Definition device with 4960 x 3324 px resolution. It includes capture software with three user-selectable modes: Scanning, Focus, and Capture, allowing for high resolution and high dynamic range. Having a spectral range of 250nm-1100nm means it detects latent prints on most smooth, non-porous surfaces, without treatment, as well as fumed, dye-stained, and powdered prints. These high-resolution images can be enlarged to visualize all levels of detail, including full palm images enabling you to “zoom in” and see individual minutia points.
Zar-Pro is a revolutionary fluorescent lifter used for lifting, enhancing, and preserving blood and other proteinaceous impression evidence from virtually any surface. They are non-toxic and easy to use, allowing for the recovery of impressions at crime scenes and from large or immovable objects that cannot be easily transported to the laboratory for analysis. The Zar-Pro Lifters in combination with proteinaceous material are fluorescent when visualized with an ALS or forensic laser and do not require any secondary chemical enhancement. Zar-Pro Lifts are permanent and their fluorogenic properties are maintained and not diminished over time.
The MicroFlow I Workstation is designed to collect small amounts of non-hazardous fumes and particulate. The workstation is self-contained with an integral recessed work surface to contain spills, and can be easily moved from station to station. A clear hood surround with safety viewing sash for user that can be conformed for use with a microscope. A variable-speed fan control provides the option of high and medium speeds, or low flow for sensitive operations. Operates on 115v AC, or 230v International, and conforms to UL, CSA, and CE requirements.
Only from the Lynn Peavey Company, the Fiber Duster Smooth now is guaranteed to offer you up to 40% lower print distortion when processing for prints with regular powders. The treatment process is patented and exclusive to Lynn Peavey Company brushes. Benefits include durability and a balanced feel. The Fiber Duster is carefully wound and trimmed by hand, providing quality that the company states cannot be found in overseas- or machine-made brushes. Special pricing is available to first time customers wanting to try these brushes.
fpNatural 1 is a new type of dusting powder that, when illuminated with red light, fluoresces brightly in the infrared. Examinations are carried out with an infrared-sensitive imaging system that produces images of outstanding clarity free of interference from most backgrounds that rarely fluoresce at this wavelength. fpNatural 1 is a fine grade of spurilina, a material derived from a naturally occurring algae—an entirely non-toxic substance commonly used as a food additive. Easily applied with standard dusting brushes, successful applications include the treatment of plastic banknotes that are not easily processed with current standard methods.
Lightning Powder Latent Print Powder Paks are cost-effective latent print powder refills. These pre-measured refills simplify decanting into standard powder jars. Whether in the field or lab the durable pouch, keeping the powder dry and clean, is easy to store and transport, and prevents breakage. Also, the Powder Paks are a perfect solution for limiting cross contamination when processing for latent prints. Small doses of powder can be poured into a jar, limiting the amount of powder that is exposed during processing, therefore, saving money.
To fill out your latent print tool kit, the Hitt Companies, Inc. offers a variety of fingerprint pads, fingerprinting stations, latent print kits, lifters and lifting tapes, master crime scene kits, magnifiers, fuming stations and fuming products, UV forensic lights, evidence bags, boxes, tapes, theft-detection devices, personal protection products, and more.
Secure Outcomes’ LS1100, law-enforcement safe booking station, is an FBI, Appendix F, Certified digital fingerprinting system. Designed and manufactured in Colorado, the rugged LS1100 collects, archives, and transmits forensic-quality full rolled and slap fingerprint impressions. The easy to use LS1100 is icon driven with an embedded soft keyboard and touch screen. Anchored at the booking area, the LS1100 (12 x 15 x 6-in. and weighing only 15 lbs.) can be easily rendered portable and placed in a mobile command center during emergency situations using only vehicle power. No external peripherals or PC needed.


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