Is Your Laboratory Looking for a 3D Imaging System for Cartridges and Bullets?

The Evofinder® Automated Ballistic Identifications system provides a unique solution for 3D imaging of both bullets and cartridge cases with a high degree of accuracy and speed as well as providing automatic correlations with statistical analysis. The Evofinder® system is uniquely capable in its ability to capture both pristine and deformed evidence in 3D, quickly and accurately.

The Evofinder® incorporates a compact, lightweight, and portable system design that can provide labs with the following advantages:

1. Internal database – The Evofinder® system incorporates an internal database that is maintained within its own server.

2. Virtual Comparison Microscopy – Scanned images can be viewed individually or in comparison for virtual examination, including lighting controls, contrast, and 3D position.

3. Portability – The compact and portable scanner assembly can be taken to field locations to allow for direct entry of samples

4. Configurability – Systems can be configured with scanners and workstations to allow for technical personnel to enter data from multiple locations and examiners to separately review from expert workstations

5. Auto-Comparison – Evofinder® software can automatically provide statistical recommendations of possible matched samples within minutes in addition to possible use as a sorting tool for large sample sets.

Built with advanced manufacturing sciences and modern computer technologies the Evofinder® provides:

  • High quality images
  • Fast imaging processing *
  • Highly effective correlated searches
  • Ability to examine and compare images directly
  • Streamlined interface
  • Easy usage
  • Robust design
  • Compact size and light weight for portability

* Scanning of a 3D image of the side of a bullet (pristine bullet, caliber 9 mm), or the 3D bottom surface of a cartridge case (10 mm diameter) can be completed in less than 3 minutes.

Leeds LCF3, a robust and powerful firearms and tool marks comparison microscope, offers outstanding performance, ergonomic comfort, and incredible versatility in analyzing ballistics and cartridge casings.

Leeds is the exclusive North American distributor of Evofinder®, Ballistic Identification System (BIS). To schedule an demonstration, call Leeds at 763-546-8575 or visit and click on Contact Us tab.


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