IWBF Issues Call for Papers at 2020 Conference

November 18, 2019 — The International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics (IWBF) has issued a call for papers to be presented at its 8th annual event April 29-30, 2020 in Porto, Portugal.

The IWBF is an international forum focusing on multimedia forensics, forensic biometrics, and forensic science. According to their website, "This workshop provides the meeting place for those concerned with the use of advanced biometric technologies in forensic applications, attracting participants from industry, research, academia, and end users."

Paper submissions are due January 10, 2020. Topics of interest include:

• Multimedia forensics including identification of source devices and source-oriented image clustering
• Integrity verification and authentication of digital content
• Watermarking schemes for ownership identification, ownership proof and copy control
• Forensic behavioural biometrics
• People identification based on face, iris, fingerprint and soft biometric traits
• Biometric analysis of crime scene traces and their forensic interpretation
• Combination of multimodal biometrics with other forensic evidence
• Biometric-based cybercrime investigation
• Video surveillance for age, gender and abnormal behaviour/event detection
• Biometric and non-biometric data de-identification
• Resilience of biometric systems to attacks based on spoofed/morphed biometric data
• Detection and mitigation of adversarial attacks on biometric systems
• Explainable AI in biometric recognition and presentation attack detection
• Ethical and societal implications of emerging forensics biometrics
• Emerging threats on biometrics such as Deepfake attacks and detection methods
• Large-scale deployment of biometric recognition systems
• Case studies of the aforementioned topics

For information on submissions, visit the IWBF website.

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