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Forensic laboratories frequently encounter many challenges, including the processing and analysis of complex samples. Whether from criminal case studies or mass disasters, the biological evidence you collect is often contaminated with substances that can interfere with downstream analysis. Additionally, tight budgets and growing backlogs present a challenge in optimizing lab time to get work done in an economical fashion.

Laboratory expenses can add up quickly, so you want to avoid losing budget costs to excess consumables. With the Maxwell® Instruments, you can process the number of samples you need without wasting reagents. The Maxwell® FSC Instrument can process batch sizes up to 16 samples, while the Maxwell® RSC Instrument can process up to 48 samples simultaneously. This flexibility in throughput lets you take control of your samples—and your laboratory budget.


When working with challenging samples—often in limited quantities—it is important to reduce the number of inhibitors present in your extracted DNA. Doing so will improve the quality of the generated DNA profile and enhance the outcome of downstream quantification or short tandem repeat (STR) amplification. A reliable purification method is critical to forensic DNA laboratories that routinely encounter these challenging sample types. Combined with DNA IQ™ chemistry, the Maxwell® Instruments offer easy to use, consistent, automated nucleic acid extraction from casework samples such as blood stains, semen stains, hairs, cigarette butts, tissues and trace DNA samples. With a simplified and streamlined laboratory workflow for all your sample types, you can be confident that you will get the results you expect.

Automated DNA extraction saves laboratories time and labor costs, and it frees staff to work on casework analysis. Additionally, the Maxwell® Instruments easily integrate into your laboratory workflow, and their compact size minimizes the impact on precious bench space. These instruments are magnetic particle movers, not liquid handlers. A magnetic bar covered by a plunger moves paramagnetic particles from well to well along the cartridge. This ensures a minimal risk of clogging and cross- contamination because no liquid handling or splashing happens during the processing of samples. The cartridges come prefilled with reagents and the paramagnetic particles that bind and wash nucleic acids. These prefilled cartridges are ready for your samples, providing you with consistent and reliable purification, regardless of sample type.

The Maxwell® Forensic Sample Concentrator (FSC) Instrument can process batch sizes up to 16 samples in less than 30 minutes. The purified DNA can be used directly in STR amplifications for forensic profile analysis of database and reference samples, or it can be quantitated prior to STR amplification of casework samples. The Maxwell® Rapid Sample Concentrator 48 (RSC 48) Instrument works with the same prefilled cartridges used with the Maxwell® FSC Instrument but can process up to 48 samples simultaneously in less than 30 minutes. The automated workflow of these instruments saves you hands- on time and frees up your schedule for casework analysis.

Both instruments feature intuitive software and an easy-to-use touch screen interface with preprogrammed protocols that let you easily set up your purification run. An integrated bar code reader helps your track samples easily by recording sample identification numbers, kit identification and lot numbers, and other data entry options. The Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument includes an integrated vision system with a large LED indicator and audible alarm that reduces the potential for user error by detecting proper cartridge placement and letting you know if there is an issue before the run starts. Once your run is set up, you can trust that your extraction is running smoothly, so you can focus on other operations within your lab.

The instruments run in conjunction with the Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit, using the paramagnetic particles to prepare pure and concentrated DNA samples for STR analysis. Prefilled cartridges contain DNA IQ™ purification reagents, and a separate bottle of DNA IQ™ Elution Buffer is included to maintain the purity of your DNA. For preprocessing, the Casework Extraction Kit uses easy- to-use spin baskets rather than transfer swabs—this simplifies the process and reduces the risk of cross- contamination of your precious samples. The compatibility of the Maxwell® FSC DNA IQ™ Casework Kit with the Maxwell® FSC Instrument and Maxwell® RSC 48 Instrument helps you process samples as quickly as possible and streamlines your laboratory’s extraction and purification workflow.

The Maxwell® Instruments are backed by a comprehensive one-year standard warranty, an expert service team and a full line of additional service products. Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Preventive Maintenance (PM) services ensure that your instrument is fully functional and provide documentation that the instrument is operating to defined specifications. Our fixed-cost service products help simplify your budget so that you don’t have to worry about complex expenditures. Our team at Promega is ready to provide you consistent and reliable service to ensure that your equipment is working properly, and you have our support when you need it most.

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