Laser-Focused Projectile Tracking

Determining bullet trajectory is one of the more common requirements of a crime scene, and a quality trajectory reconstruction kit is an essential tool for ensuring accurate results. The EVI-PAQ® Laser Trajectory Kit is the only kit on the market that boasts co-aligned components that give true line of flight of projectiles encountered at crime scenes.

EVI-PAQ’s robust history of quality crime scene products is led by the flagship Laser Trajectory Kit. The kit utilizes steel rods with integrated connection points that tightly connect the rods so there is minimal to no droop in the trajectory line. Coupled with the co-aligned lasers, this kit offers the best chance at true line of flight reconstruction of a projectile. The included lasers offer an integrated positive on/off switch that works seamlessly with the connection point of the trajectory rods or can be used with the steel connector alone. To further enhance line of flight visibility, the lasers are factory set to be in the true center of the tube thus ensuring the laser will always be centered to the flight line no matter the orientation. Lasers are available in red or green to help with multiple gun scenes and mounted in manufactured aluminum housings for durability.

The EVI-PAQ® Standard Trajectory Kit provides the essentials without the laser option. Like the kit above, it contains a tripod mount, four co-aligned steel trajectory rods suitable for use on holes produced by .32-caliber weapons, connectors, spacer cones, O-rings and an angle finder.

EVI-PAQ was also the first to offer zero-edged protractors to assist the reconstruction impact angles from projectile strikes. Protractors are used to measure the angles of impact on a surface and enable the zero line to be placed directly next to the evidence for accurate measurements. Zero-edge protractors boast a 0° bottom angle instead of the traditional offset protractors. This special feature decreases the amount of time spent on post-scene calculations to allow for the offset. also hosts a variety of complementary products to aid with trajectory reconstruction such as Photographic Fog to visualize laser beams in photo documentation; regular and elastic trajectory string, for those that prefer traditional string reconstruction; Dual Trajectory Laser Holder for multi-line visualization and an array of specialized parts. Find everything you need for crime scene investigation on the all-new website.

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