Archived Webinars on Investigating Sexual Assault, Violence, and More

January 20, 2021 — End Violence Against Women International (EVAWI) partnered with numerous national experts to create 14 new webinars in 2020, providing information on current best-practices and recommendations. The recordings of these webinars — including free options — are available on-demand through the EVAWI website.

Free options include:

New Frontiers in Investigating and Prosecuting Sexual Assault by Intoxication — This presentation addresses the issues that investigators, prosecutors, victim advocates, and medical personal often encounter in alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults. Investigators and prosecutors face many hurdles, including the consent defense, perceptions about “he said/she said” cases, and victims suffering from memory loss, as well as challenges related to victim shame, embarrassment, and lack of trust in law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Sexual Misconduct: Introducing a Model Policy Resource for Prevention and Accountability — The overwhelming majority of those who serve in the noble profession of law enforcement are professionals who uphold their oath of office. However, we cannot ignore the numerous headlines, arrests, convictions, and lawsuits describing horrific acts of sexual misconduct perpetrated by law enforcement officers. When a predatory sexual offender has the power and authority of the police, this creates an extremely serious breach of the ethics of the profession, a violation of the color of law, and a traumatic victimization of a colleague or citizen whom law enforcement has sworn to protect.

A Survivor Speaks: Recognizing and Responding to Stalking — This incredibly unique and nuanced case study and data allows service providers and first responders to hear first-hand how victims navigate the world, the legal system, and build a new life from the devastation that stalking causes, as well as tools to plan for victim safety and hold offenders accountable.

Investigating Stalking Crimes Within Sexual Assault Cases — In this session, two veteran law enforcement investigators, Cathy Garcia and Carlton Hershman, will cover the recognition and elements of stalking, focusing on ways to obtain evidence (some non-traditional) while investigating these crimes. They will discuss how to use an array of family and civil court documents and proceedings to enhance investigations.

A full list of on-demand, archived webinars can be found here:

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