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Light the scene
Free firearm destruction program
Interview recording system
CSI checklist app for mobile devices
Secure capture of photo, video, and audio in the field
Crash and crime scene documentation
Drug drop-off box
Stable image capture in the field or the lab
Evidence management system
Forensic image comparison
Solid-back evidence tape
Free online e-health check for evidence operations
LiveScan for electronic capture of prints
New fingerprint powder
Secure data erasure and disposal of electronics
Ballistics leads in minutes
Full-spectrum forensics digital camera solution
Mobile evidence tracking solution
LED flashlights in a spectrum of colors

Light the scene.

All-terrain Lentry Lights turn night into day, let you see and be seen, and greatly reduce the stress and fatigue of working at night and in poorly lit areas. It’s all about safety. Easily deployed by one person, the three independently adjustable legs allow the system to be placed where needed, even on steep, hilly, snowy, or debris-covered terrain. Lentry Model 1SPECX-C23 (shown) fully extends to almost 9-ft. tall and lights an entire scene for hours. When the job is completed, simply retract the legs and pole with the turn of a knob and store the LED light head in its case.

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Free firearm destruction program for law enforcement.

GunBusters provides their safe, simple, and secure firearms destruction program free of charge to law enforcement agencies across the United States. The ATF-approved process utilizes a computer video package that records the actual destruction of each firearm. The destruction videos also show the make, model, serial number, and agency inventory number of the firearm being destroyed, as well as a date-time stamp. The searchable video files are provided to the department to maintain proof of performance and are also stored in cloud storage. The service allows departments to maintain a seamless chain of custody for their evidence destruction.

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Interview recording system.

Investigators should be able to spend the majority of their time doing what they do best: investigating. MaestroVision’s Interview Recording System allows users to efficiently obtain the evidence they need with user-friendly interview recording software, media library, and high-definition HD-SDI cameras.

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CSI checklist app for mobile devices.

The C.S.I. Checklist app provides the real-time guidance needed for all crime scene investigation professionals in the field. It represents a quick-reference guide with different crime scene situation checklists. It is always with you on your mobile device, and it can be immediately referenced when approaching a crime scene or interviewing a complainant. The app was created by Thomas P. Mauriello, a university professor, forensic consultant, author, and former police and federal investigator. This checklist tool provides all the recognized national standards and procedures essential to conduct a successful investigation. Available on the Apple Store or Google Play.

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Secure capture of photo, video, and audio in the field.

Securely capture and upload photos, videos, and audio from a phone or other mobile device with the Foray Technologies ADAMS Upload module for iOS and Android. The module makes it easy to quickly and securely capture digital evidence. With ADAMS Upload, officers can take photos, record videos, and record audio. Files are encrypted for security and are automatically uploaded to the Foray ADAMS evidence management system back at your agency.

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Crash and crime scene documentation.

The RIEGL VZ-400i laser scanner provides fast, accurate, and reliable documentation of crash and crime scenes. Rigorous testing for ISO accreditation in the UK identified the VZ-400i as the only instrument to be validated for use at any scene for targetless automatic registration. Testing included extreme weather conditions (high winds, heavy rain, and falling snow), showing high-accuracy data capture. Proven in thousands of court cases, the RIEGL VZ-400i and RiSOLVE provide LiDAR solutions, high productivity, and reliable documentation that minimizes measurement uncertainty.

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Drug drop-off box.

Elastec manufactures drug drop-off boxes that can be used in conjunction with either their Drug Terminator or Mediburn for take-back programs. The boxes can be set up at locations to collect expired and unused prescription drugs so that they can safely be incinerated. Elastec drug drop-off boxes can be painted or wrapped with graphics to suit the needs of any location. Each box has a lockable deposit door, retrieval door for emptying, and four-bolt anchor holes in the base.

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Stable image capture in the field or the lab.

The Quadrapod Elite (above, foreground) and the Quadrapod Classic offer a stable camera platform for capturing images in the field or lab. The Quadrapod copy stands are lightweight, portable, easy to configure, and both will work with a variety of cameras and accessories. Please visit our website for specifications and emerging products.

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Evidence management system.

Finding every shot you have of photo marker #15 just got easier with automatic content recognition of digital evidence. The PDEVIDENCE Evidence Management System will tag every image for content, readable text, digital camera metadata, and leave room for you to add your own tags, too. The Evidence Management System handles all physical property and evidence as well as digital evidence. The web-based, barcode driven, evidence management system is accessible anywhere with a web browser and internet connection.

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Forensic image comparison.

CSIpix Comparator gives you the tools to help your forensic team easily document and share work, while following ACE-V protocol. Users can save time with Comparator’s automated functions for calibration, enhancement, and preparation of charts and reports. Analyze and conduct side-by-side comparison of forensic images: fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, shoeprints, and tire treads.

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Solid-back evidence tape.

SealGuard Solid Back Evidence Tape is made with a polystyrene base featuring a permanent, quick-setting acrylic adhesive that defies removal from most surfaces. When solvents like alcohol and acetone are applied, the red tint and black overprint will dissolve and smear to show positive proof of tampering. Dual-serrated tape edges add redundancy to the integrity. Specs include 3-in. core backed with 78-lb. stock Kraft liner; 108-ft. per roll; and it comes packaged in a convenient dispensing box. Solid Back Tape can be used with the desktop evidence tape dispenser.

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Free online e-health check for evidence operations.

Get a snapshot of your evidence operations with key performance indicators for sustainability. For each assessment area, Tracker Products provides four possible ratings as an overall measure to gauge areas such as efficiency, sustainability, and accountability. The online survey should take approximately 30 minutes to complete. You don’t need to provide specifics or any sensitive information regarding your operations, and any information you are unable to provide can often be just as useful as hard data. This is a great opportunity to aid your path toward improved evidence operations.

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LiveScan for electronic capture of prints.

Modernize your fingerprinting process with Sirchie LiveScan by capturing finger and palm prints electronically. LiveScan is easy to use, eliminating messy traditional ink and paper, while reducing human and mechanical errors. Instant print-quality grading ensures print clarity and a reduced rejection rate, resulting in superior fingerprints that can be sent immediately to the FBI, DOJ, or other authorized agencies. LiveScan marries technique and technology, helping law enforcement agencies to better serve their communities for all types of applicant printing. Sirchie LiveScan is certified for electronic transmission in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and more to come, and in any state with card printing.

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New fingerprint powder.


Cinnamon. Vanilla. Nutmeg. That might sound like a cake recipe, but it’s not. It’s a new latent print powder: Fingerprint Powder in the Raw from Lynn Peavey Company. Finely ground and carefully blended into the company’s formulas for improved results, the new powder is extremely sensitive to all latent print residues. Recommended for use with Fiber or Feather Dusters. Plus, Lynn Peavey says the powder is safer to use than other powders currently on the market. Various colors are available. Introductory pricing, U.S. Patent Pending, and made in the U.S.A. by Lynn Peavey Company.

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Secure data erasure and disposal of electronics.


The 911 Cell Phone Bank is a non-profit 501(c)(3) that works with law enforcement agencies to securely sanitize and dispose of electronics that need to be purged from property and evidence. The organization guarantees secure data-sanitization and/or disposal of purged devices according to NIST 800-88, Rev 1 guidelines and ISO 27001 and ISO 27040. Phones that can be reused are distributed through law enforcement and victim-services organizations nationwide, or they are re-marketed to offset operational expenses. 911 Cell Phone Bank will also provide these 911 devices to your agency upon request. This program is 100% free, including shipping.

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Ballistics leads in minutes.

Evidence IQ provides “forensics as a service” with Ballistics IQ – a compact, portable, and affordable solution that allows agencies to scan fired cartridge cases, determine the unique number of firearms involved, and identify the best cartridge case for entry into the NIBIN program, all within minutes after a shooting. Cases are forwarded to the Evidence IQ Virtual Correlation Center, which is available 24/7, where their team of senior firearm examiners review all images, search for links in real-time, and provide agencies results within 24 hours. This provides actionable intelligence to investigators, helping solve crimes faster.

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Full-spectrum forensics digital camera solution.

The Crime-lite AUTO is a full-spectrum, UV/Vis/IR camera with 55x illumination wavebands. Combining the latest forensic-imaging technology with high-intensity multi-spectral illumination, the new Crime-lite AUTO is a complete solution to the search, detection, and capture of evidence. A compact handheld device, with the weight and feel of a pro-grade digital SLR camera, the Crime-lite AUTO can reveal evidence, including body fluids (semen, saliva, urine, etc.); blood on dark fabrics; fingerprints; gunshot residues; and traces of physical evidence (glass, fibers, hairs, etc.).

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Mobile evidence tracking solution.

eTWIST V2.0, a multi-patented mobile evidence tracking solution, produces the most valuable commodity in the entire world: time. The evidence tracking solution eliminates the need for law enforcement officers to spend time in front of computers entering in repetitive data, uploading photos, videos, documents, or recordings. Its alert notifications will communicate to law enforcement officers when it’s time to dispose of evidence. The application is Android, iOS, and Windows compatible.

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LED flashlights in a spectrum of colors.

Maglite believes in having the right tool for the job. While a cool white LED is the best resource for most applications, Maglite’s new Spectrum Series colored and warm white LED flashlights are optimal for certain settings. For example: Red protects night vision, enhances contrast; blue is for low-light map reading & forensics; green is good for nature-watching because animals typically don’t react to it; and warm white reduces eye strain and makes colors look more natural.

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Lifting Latent Fingerprints from Difficult Surfaces

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