Toolkit Launched for Overdose Fatality Reviews

February 17, 2021 — In October 2020, the Bureau of Justice Assistance, in partnership with the CDC, launched a new online package of tools to support the implementation of overdose fatality reviews. In recent years, OFRs have emerged as a promising and popular strategy against substance abuse through collaboration and data sharing.

"By coordinating the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of law enforcement and EMS personnel, medical examiners, public and behavioral health, child and social services providers, and others, OFRs enable communities to spot missed opportunities for intervention, identify service gaps, and improve collaboration to prevent future deaths," the BJA wrote in its Catching Up with COSSAP newsletter in October.

The Overdose Fatality Review website includes:

• A downloadable, 68-page guide to Overdose Fatality Review

• Resource modules for recruiting OFR members, planning meetings, facilitating meetings, collecting data, and building a recommendation plan

• An OFR Message Exchange where those involved in OFR can engage with one another

• Continually updated resources such as case studies from various states and local governments

It also includes links to register for the 2021 Virtual National Forum on Overdose Fatality Review, February 16-18 and February 23-25.

Visit the OFR resource page here.

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