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This article appeared in the May-June 2021 issue of Evidence Technology Magazine.
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Facial Composite System Software

The SketchCop Facial Composite System is a software-driven solution for agencies designed to be portable and easy to use. The software creates digital facial composites with the same sketch-like quality offered by professional police sketch artists. The intuitive user interface and image-modification tools make it easy for users to create countless faces. A free image editor for those who wish to increase eyewitness satisfaction is included with SketchCop. Training, software maintenance, and upgrade packages are available on request.

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Case Management and Report Creation

SecurCube Forensics Report provides technology for case management and customizable automated report creation. Avoid the copy and paste from previous documentation and reduce the time it takes to file a forensics report. Create professional, error-free, and customized court presentation documents in line with international best practices. By simply adding your forensics work—including chain of custody, persons involved, evidence and instrumentation descriptions, analysis statements, and conclusions—to the program, a final, complete, well-formed forensics report is efficiently created by the Forensics Report technology.

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Videoscopes to Image Hard to Reach Places

A new line of five industrial videoscopes from Titian Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, features interchangeable video probes that allow for the use of different insertion-tube lengths and diameters with one video unit. TVG-PRO Series videoscopes offer Tungsten braid cables in combinations of three lengths of 1.5 m (59 in.), 2 m (78 in.), and 3 m (118 in.) and three diameters of 2.8 mm (0.110 in.), 4 mm (0.157 in.), and 6 mm (0.236 in.). The modular videoscopes have either 180° or full 360° articulation with only one video control handle using any of the easily changed cables, according to Titan Tool.

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Manage, Track, and Scale Forensic Reviews

As digital evidence continues to grow in size and complexity, digital forensics professionals need a powerful solution built for both speed and simplicity. According to Exterro, FTK Central delivers the industry’s fastest processing engine within a collaborative web-based platform to dramatically accelerate your workflow. More reviewers, examiners, and investigators can work together to find evidence faster and produce results quickly with minimal training. Forensically collect data from anywhere, including cloud data sources and off-network endpoints. Ingest the most complex data types, including mobile and chat application data. Perform near-native review of all evidence through a single lens.

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Municipal Incinerators for Police

Elastec's Municipal Waste Incinerators are environmentally safe, compact, and easy to operate. These systems are ideal for burning general waste, collected drugs from take-back programs, illegal drugs and paraphernalia, food waste, and trash. The units are suited for use in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, blood banks, police departments, military bases, veterinary clinics, and airports.

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Copy Stands for Evidence Photography

The Quadrapod Elite (foreground) and the Quadrapod Classic offer a stable camera platform for capturing images in the field or the lab. Quadrapod copy stands are lightweight, portable, easy to configure, and both will work with a variety of cameras and accessories. Please visit the link below for specifications and emerging products.

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Tough Archaeology Equipment

The Shaker Box and Shaker Tripod from Bull Gator Archaeology base their design on the developer’s more than 25 years of experience in archaeology field work, and more than ten years of designing and fabricating equipment in U.S. Naval Yards. The patented design of Bull Gator Archaeology equipment is handmade to be durable while enabling efficient data collection and gathering of evidence. Field repair is easy, minimizing downtime. A screen can be replaced in just five minutes. Bull Gator equipment is currently in use worldwide by private, state, and federal agencies on projects ranging from archaeological research to crime scene investigation.

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Portable Laser Light Source

The Crime-lite LASER provides powerful forensic laser illumination for the detection and examination of trace forensic evidence. The new Crime-lite LASER provides intense, ultra-narrowband laser illumination from a portable light source. Available in blue (447nm) and green (520nm) wavelengths, the Crime-lite LASER is capable of revealing evidence including latent and treated fingermarks, body fluids, and other invaluable traces of forensic evidence. According to Foster + Freeman, the Crime-lite LASER is designed to be the safest handheld forensic laser currently available; a combination of robust safety interlocks protects the end-user from accidental exposure to the laser beam at all times.

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Put Your Evidence on Display

Making your case in court is critical. The DiscoveryBox from Lynn Peavey Company helps you make an impression on the jury with a giant window behind the flap in the front for clear viewing. You can even call out points of interest—such as serial number, latent lifts lifted here, blowback traces found here, DNA traces taken here, etc. The pegboard-style bottom provides easy anchor points for nylon zip ties. DiscoveryBoxes come with pre-printed evidence documentation and chain-of-custody form. Dimensions inside measure 13 x 8 x 2 in.; outside dimensions measure 14 x 8.4375 x 2.375 in.

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