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Hood Provides Safe Demonstration Viewing

The Classroom Demonstration Hood is ideal for classroom experiments and demonstrations because of its viewing visibility from all four sides. An instructor can perform a science demonstration while the class gathers around to safely observe. The hood can also be used as an individual student workstation, or vented storage enclosure. A hinged viewing window or optional horizontal sliding glass panels allow for easy access and user safety. An integral exhaust blower safely exhausts fumes and odors. A vapor-proof light is factory installed. A wide selection of accessories, including tables and ducting, is also available for your specific needs.

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Free, Secure Recycling of Electronic Devices

The 911 Cell Phone Bank (911CPB) is a 501(c)(3) organization that provides a 100% free service to property and evidence rooms across the country to securely recycle electronic devices that are ready for purging. By utilizing third-party verification software, the 911CPB guarantees complete data-erasure of all devices according to the DOD NIST 800-88 Rev. 1 guidelines. Erasure is compliant with all data privacy regulations and guidelines including ISO 27001 and ISO 27040. Simply box up the devices, affix the free shipping label, and send them to 911CPB for guaranteed secure disposal.

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Identify Persons in Images and Recorded Videos

FaceVACS-DBScan LE combines Cognitec’s renowned image database search technology with powerful video inspection tools for a multitude of investigation use cases. The market-leading technology helps law enforcement staff to increase the speed and accuracy of criminal investigations. After importing video material, agents can find known or unknown persons in multiple videos to quickly narrow down suspect investigations. The technology then compares the facial images from video material (or from any other source) to smaller local or even multi-million central image databases, and instantly displays a candidate list of possible matches.

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Real-Time Seized Drug Analysis

With RADIAN ASAP and LiveID software, forensic labs can quickly screen samples against a library of known compounds for the rapid identification of illicit and controlled drugs. The RADIAN ASAP is ideal for seized drug samples that do not respond to colorimetric screening tests or produce inconclusive results with FTIR. The software automatically matches all compounds in its library against each sample analyzed, giving a score out of 1000. Values close to 1000 indicate that it is likely the sample contains a compound of interest; lower scores indicate it is unlikely to be present in the sample.

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High-Quality Scanning and Imaging of Bullets

The Evofinder Automated Ballistic Identification system is a scanning device that generates digital images in both 2D and 3D of bullets and cartridge cases for examination, comparison, and correlative searches within existing databases. Evofinder’s four-motor mechanics provides a high-quality recording of bullets, including heavily deformed ones, and allows the use of a universal cassette to mount and orient both types of samples in the scanning device. The Evofinder incorporates a compact, lightweight, and portable system design. Leeds is the exclusive North American distributor of Evofinder, Ballistic Identification System (BIS).

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Automated Property Storage Carousel

The Hänel Rotomat vertical carousel is an automated property storage system that solves problems of limited space and poor evidence control in law enforcement. The Rotomat replaces inefficient shelves and cabinets, saving floor space and allowing up to 80% more storage in the same area. All items are safeguarded against theft, contamination, and physical damage, and each transaction is recorded to show chain of custody. Evidence is automatically brought to the officer in charge, ensuring the lawful disposition of all property maintained in the evidence room. The Rotomat saves time, reduces costs and increases accuracy.

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3D Crime Scene Mapping and Accident Reconstruction

The Dot3D handheld 3D scanning software allows users to instantly reconstruct entire crime scenes, crash scenes, and more — all from a tablet or phone. The software enables real-time 3D reconstruction from Windows and Android devices equipped with the latest in 3D-camera technologies. Users can choose from a growing list of supported cameras — including the DP-10, DPI-X, Intel RealSense D455, and L515 LiDAR. High-density, full-color 3D data can instantly be measured, annotated, edited, and shared right from within Dot3D. Optionally, industry-standard export formats also enable full compatibility with third-party workflows and other 3D capture tools.

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Three-in-One Forensic Light Source

The Sane-Lite camera kit features a 3-in-1 forensic light source. This light has UV 365nm, blue 425nm, and blue 455nm LED lights that provide direct lighting on the subject. The Canon EOS M50 mkii is a simple and easy-to-use camera system, allowing the user to capture image files in both RAW and JPEG. The 3-in-1 light is designed to free the hands of the photographer while still providing consistent 425nm and 455nm blue LED lights that are desired for proper fluorescence of biologicals, as well as a 365nm UV LED for viewing bruise, bitemark, and biological evidence.

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Narcotics and Explosives Presumptive Field Testing

SwabTek test kits set a new standard for narcotics and explosives presumptive field testing, with technology that is simple, safe, and effective. Forensics Source offers convenient access to the SwabTek array of tools to conduct competent field testing for narcotics in almost any situation. The availability of SwabTek products will now give investigators an easy-to-use presumptive field test to check surfaces for the presence of narcotic contamination, to test vaping products where other tests would not be of use, or to detect trace amounts of powder that do not have enough volume for alternative testing. Forensic Source offers tests for amphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, and heroin.

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Product News

Six interchangeable LED lamps

highlight the features of the OPTIMAX Multi-Lite Forensic Inspection Kit from Spectronics Corporation. This portable kit is designed for crime-scene investigation, gathering evidence, and work in the forensic laboratory. The LEDs provide six single-wavelength light sources, each useful for specific applications, from bodily fluids to fingerprints. The wavelengths are: UV-A (365 nm), blue (450 nm), green (525 nm), amber (590 nm), red (630 nm), and white light (400-700 nm). The cordless flashlight weighs only 15 oz. To learn more, go to: