New Interactive Reports on Sexual Assaults

July 31, 2021 — The Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a set of online, interactive reports detailing statistics on sexual assault victimizations reported by law enforcement agencies. The reports break down data in a plethora of interactive charts, allowing users to choose how they view the data.

The numbers come from 15 reporting states in 2015 and 20 reporting states in 2019. States that provided data were all certified to submit to the National Incident-Based Reporting System, an annual data collection system that compiles information on criminal incidents and arrests.

For the purposes of this report, four types of violent sexual assault were recorded: rape, sodomy, sexual assault with an object, and fondling. The interactive charts compare demographic characteristics of sexual assault victims to those of other serious violent crimes, present estimates of sexual victimization rates by victim demographic characteristics, and provide statistics on police clearance and arrest outcomes for sexual assaults.

You can browse the information from 2019 here, and the data from 2015 here.

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