Body and Dash Camera Systems Built with the Officer in Mind

November 23, 2021 — Police cameras are no longer considered common-place equipment—they are considered essential. Body-worn camera and dash camera systems provide immediate, first-hand evidence of any encounter between an officer and civilian. In a time when accountability, transparency, and safety are demanded by the communities you serve, body-worn and dash cameras are critical technology.

But as most law enforcement agencies have moved to implement this technology, they have also discovered how expensive it can become. Some systems require additional investment in back-end equipment, or they charge recurring fees. For smaller agencies, their video systems—while essential—can quickly start to feel like a financial burden.

The founder of 10-8 Video, now a retired sheriff’s deputy, recognized these issues when he was working for an agency with too little funding to afford a dash camera system. After researching the market, he decided to utilize his experience in the computer and consumer-electronics industry to develop an all-digital dashcam system that would meet the needs and budgets of smaller departments.

The result is what 10-8 Video offers today: the most reliable body and dash camera systems on the market, with no hidden or recurring fees, and no contract commitments required.

“We have been using these systems for over a year and they are more reliable than higher-priced units we have used in the past. We highly recommend these systems!”
—Clinton (South Carolina) Police Department

10-8 HD4 In-Car Video System

The fourth-generation in-car video system from 10-8, HD4, builds on the first three generations by offering full HD recording for even greater clarity and detail. Key features include:

• Up to four channels of simultaneous recording of both audio and video
• Built-in WiFi, with the ability to automatically log in and download videos any time the vehicle is within range of the user’s network
• Reliability with no hard drives to fail, and components that can be easily swapped out by the user in minutes
• 256 GB capacity—allowing the average officer to capture months of events before running into a storage issue
• Pre/post-event recording
• Three-year, no-fault, no-questions-asked warranty

“There is nothing out there like these systems. Very reliable, great video and excellent audio quality. Our first system is almost 3 years old and still going strong. Bought 14 more since then. Highly recommended.”
— Lincoln County (Tennessee) Sheriff Department

10-8 BCS Body Camera

The 10-8 BCS is a dependable body camera with a solid design and compact size. It records industry-leading video resolution with consistent sound quality and user-friendly controls. Features include:

• Twelve-hour battery life to last an entire shift
• 1296p video resolution
• COVERT Mode allows the officer to remain unseen in dark environments
• Automatic downloading using the included camera dock to instantly sync footage
• One-button recording allows for rapid video capture
• One-year, no-fault, no-questions-asked warranty

“These systems have proven themselves to us. The very best we have used.”
—Montgomery County (Texas) Sheriff

Built with officers in mind, the systems from 10-8 Video put simple-to-use, high-quality cameras in the hands of even the most budget-conscious smaller law enforcement agencies. Contact 10-8 Video to learn more.


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